GRDC Spray Days

GRDC Spray Days cover the latest developments in spray application technology and stewardship for grain growers and their advisers. GRDC Spray Days provide a platform for growers to interact with industry to hear about, see and discuss spray technology innovations with industry experts, enabling growers to make more informed decisions on spray equipment investment and how to use technology for optimum benefit.

Mornings were formatted as presentations and discussions with topics selected by a local panel. In the afternoon trade display session, growers can focus in on the technologies they are most interested in, with direct access to leading industry technology providers. PDF of slides for each of the series are available below.

Notes from 2022 and 2023 Spray Days

GRDC Spray Days Presentations March 2023

GRDC Spray Days Presentations September 2022

GRDC Spray Days Presentations November 2022

GRDC resources

In addition to the above, the GRDC website contains a very large range of spray application resources on many aspects of spray application and drift risk management.

Website resources from technology companies who supported GRDC Spray Days in 2022 and 2023